Get the most out of your 360° content and profile

With 1000’s of views of the profiles and 360° content each month on our blog it’s important that you get the most out of this traffic.  Upgrading your basic profile to an Enhanced Profile is one such way.

Enhanced Profiles

Enhanced Profiles add the following page elements customised to your business:

  • Direct links to your own website.
  • Your Social Media feeds embedded into the page.
  • Your TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Google Map directions to your business.
  • Photo & Video galleries relating to your business.
  • Brochure downloads

Having an enhanced profile will capture and engage visitors landing on your page with relevant extra value content, linking them directly with your business.

Each year we  have on average 240,000 views of the 360° photos and profiles of the businesses featured on the website. On a basic profile, these visitors (and potential guests) currently have no opportunity of being directed to your own website or otherwise engaging with your business after landing on your profile.

Statistically, visitors browsing a property with an enhanced profile remain on the page 1.5x longer compared with basic profile pages.

Compare basic vs enhanced profiles.

Content Distribution License (CDL)

At present your 360° content is licensed for use only within your own website domain. Be free to distribute your 360° images ANYWHERE to ANYONE.

By purchasing a CDL you are free to distribute your 360° images to ANY 3rd party via a unique CDL code. On average there are an additional 410,000 annual views of our CDL content across a growing Content Distribution Network (websites external to Virtual Visit).

Customer Example: Marlfield House, Co. Wexford 

The CDL code also gets added within the interface of your virtual tours.  This allows anyone viewing your 360° images to grab the code and share them on a blog or other related websites such as Tourism Ireland or online newspaper travel supplements for example.

Buy Out

No more annual fees or licenses.

A “buy out” option exists for customers who request the media.  All digital files are transferred to you – free from any subsequent licensing and intellectual property constraints.

You can then display the 360° interactive panoramas directly on your own website and not be bound by Virtual Visit hosting and delivering the content.

The files are essentially yours to keep and distribute as you please.  You have free reign and complete flexibility to distribute freely or under your own chargeable license structure should you wish.


Virtual Tour App for Facebook Pages

We have the ability to create an app that will display your 360° virtual tour content within a Facebook Page.

The Bushmills Inn Hotel Restaurant












The App sits alongside the standard Facebook Tabs. Take a look at a working example created for The Bushmills Inn Hotel.
If you have a Facebook Page for your business and this is something you would like to have please get in touch.

Do you have a business you would like featured here?

Alternatively you can call us on +44 2895 811 334 or +353 1 442 8995

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