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One of the great visitor attractions in County Wexford….and one that took us by surprise!  It doesn’t look like much from the outside but when inside we were struck by the size and level of detail of the exhibition.  It was won a number of awards and we can see why.

Fanned by flames of Revolution in America and France, the events of 1798 in Ireland are etched forever on Irish history.  Vividly re-told in an exciting interpretation of events, the “Rebellion Experience” at The National 1798 Rebellion Centre is not to be missed.

This family friendly Wexford Attraction tells the epic and heroic tale of the 1798 Rebellion and its aftermath. On your visit you will meet the key figures of the Rebellion, participate in a state of the art battle of Vinegar Hill Experience, discover how weapons from the period worked and learn in gruesome detail how some 20,000 insurgents faced the might of  10,000 well-trained and well-armed Crown Forces.

Using the latest multimedia and interactive screens a spectacular audio visual presentation places the story in an international context. Interactive displays include a giant chessboard with pieces representing key figures in the Rising, and a multiscreen recreation of the finale atop a virtual Vinegar Hill.

The Rebellion of 1798, led by the United Irishmen, and based on the principles of the French Revolution of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, was an attempt to achieve a democratic and equal Ireland.  The Rebellion lasted from May to September 1798, and in County Wexford alone, some 20,000 people lost their lives in a four week period.  The last major battle of the Rebellion, the Battle of Vinegar Hill, took place on 21st June 1798 and was the last major battle on Irish soil.

Vinegar Hill, a pudding-shaped hill overlooking the town, was the largest camp and headquarters of the rebels of 1798 who controlled County Wexford for thirty days against vastly superior forces. A visit to the Rebellion Centre before climbing Vinegar Hill greatly enhances its impact.

Address: National 1798 Rebellion Centre, Parnell Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland

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