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(plus get some fantastic visual content for your online marketing)

During 2014 we’re creating a massive tourism project (THE BIG 360 PROJECT). We will be touring SIX counties in SIX months (April-September) photographing and blogging about the local tourism providers we visit and putting them firmly on the Irish destination map.


WHERE WE’VE BEEN. 1000’s of interactive panoramic pictures from 100’s of tourism destinations.

So far, we’ve finalised 3 of the 6 counties for our tour with another 7 counties on our short-list to choose from. Every business we visit receives an individual and bespoke blog-page (example), plus you get the images we capture to use on your own website (example).

For more information on what we’re doing in YOUR County and how it all fits together, download the relevant information pack below.

Download the relevant Info Pack of your destination below.

Spaces are limited and it’s first come first served.
We can only visit 30 businesses & locations during our tour of each County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost involved?

The first question we would expect in anybody’s mind. There is a small cost to cover our travel and your 360° photography processing. We endeavour to keep things as cost effective as possible and provide the best value for money. We’re requiring each property to find £500 in their budget. Considering the marketing reach and valuable content you receive we trust our cost to get involved is very fair.

  • £150 (~ €180) secures selection and a place on our itinerary.
  • £350 (~ €420) on completion of your 360° interactive photos.

What do I get?

Your business (and your destination) showcased to a massive and engaged audience. During the month we’re in your destination over 100,000 combined views and engagement is expected across multiple online channels – a marketing reach equivalent to five times the price we’re asking.

We’re working in conjunction with your local tourism authority who will be sharing all the rich photographic content we produce on their own website & social media channels, increasing the campaign exposure exponentially.

100K combined views and engagement.

100K combined views and engagement.

An individual and bespoke blog-post on your business (example), plus you get the 360° images we capture to use on your own website (example).

Virtual Tours are the second most influential feature in travel planning” according to industry research.

What we include in our photo-blogs

What we include in our photo-blogs

Don’t delay, register today!

Spaces are limited and it’s first come first served. We can only visit 30 businesses & locations during our tour of your county.

Sounds good! What areas in my business will you be photographing?

This is entirely up to you and we are here to help advise in this process too. We capture Interiors and Exteriors. Imagine the online visitor as a guest looking around your property. Where would you take them to wow them? Remember too, it’s not always about your ‘best bits’. For example, showing a presidential suite is great but not everyone gets to stay there! Showing standard or classic rooms allows your online guest to make informed decisions.

How long does the photo shoot take?

Photography occurs with minimal disruption and time.  We bring no big lights or large camera gear. The professional photographer works with the available lighting to capture the scene exactly as they see it. Typically the photographer will capture a particular scene eg Hotel Suite in under 15 mins. So if you have commissioned THREE panos for example, the photographer will be finished in 45mins.

What do I need to prepare?

Virtual Visit Tours is not responsible for the presentation of the property for photography but will make efforts to improve the presentation of the property from a 360° point of view. We ask all our customers to prepare the relevant areas that are being captured in 360° to your own exacting standards. Before a photography session you may wish to consider these hints for presentation: Hotel Lobby area de-cluttered, beds made properly, cushions/pillows arranged restaurant tables set. Fresh flowers and filled fruit bowls can be arranged to add points of interest to pictures. For external shots be mindful of scaffolding/building work which would detract from the image. Imagine the photographer as a potential guest. You would want to show it in the best light to secure their business.  Remember, the images we take are fully immersive 360° pictures. We are allowing the potential visitor to (virtually) step into the scene and see it as if they were there.

When will my Interactive Panoramic Pictures be ready?

Depending on the current work load your virtual tours should be ready within 48hrs.

Can I use them on my website?

Yes!  A single non-transferable license to use the virtual tours for the marketing of the property is allocated.  Each business receives a unique web url (iFrame) that holds your virtual tour. This allows you to embed the tours on your own website and use in any marketing activities for the business such as trade road shows or email campaigns. Think of your virtual tour as an interactive marketing tool for your business. Include your Virtual Tour weblink in your email signatures. Merge your online and offline marketing using QR Codes linking to your virtual tour on your brochures. What is not covered is the distribution of your virtual tour for embedding on other 3rd party websites.  Please speak to us before you do this.

Can I upload them to YouTube?

No.  Our 360° interactive panoramic pictures are NOT video. They do not run in a linear fashion as with traditional video but instead allow the user to be in control of their experience. This element of control and freedom builds consumer confidence in your property and motivates decision making – much more so than with traditional video.

Who owns the images?

Copyright: Please note that Virtual Visit Tours retains the copyright of all images and final 360° imagery. License: A single non-transferable license to use the virtual tours for the marketing of the property within its own domain is allocated under the agreement. Property Release: By arranging access to the property, the owner or agent acting on behalf of the owner of the property accepts that they hereby assign permission to Virtual Visit Tours to use the images depicting the Property in any Media, for any purpose – which may include, among others, advertising, promotion, marketing and packaging.

Is there an annual recurring charge?

We DO NOT charge annually for hosting of your virtual tours. Everyone gets FREE hosting no matter how many 360° photos they have. Your business will feature on our website ad infinitum under any and all relevant categories (Places to Stay, Places to See, etc) You will have access to the images for your own website domain ad infinitum. There is NO ANNUAL CHARGE for this. It is only if you want to move the images beyond your domain that we would need to chat. There are two types of profile we create for businesses. BasicEnhanced. An annual charge comes into play only if you want your profile to remain enhanced. Enhanced profile pages incorporate added value user content relating to your business that compliments your virtual tours;

  • An active and more prominent hyperlink to your website
  • Embedded social media profiles
  • Location map
  • TripAdvisor Reviews
  • Photo & video galleries

We charge £150 (~EUR180) for this annually. You ARE NOT tied to any contract term and is assessed on a yearly basis. When the year comes around we get back in touch to see if you still want to keep your enhanced profile. If not, we remove the enhancements above with no penalties or hidden charges.

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