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Cobh (Formerly Queenstown) is located on Great Island within Cork Harbour. It is a picturesque seaside town steeped in Maritime History.

Cobh was the last port of call for the ocean liner Titanic. The Titanic Experience has secured the original offices of the White Star Line, the point of departure for the last passengers to board Titanic. At 1:30 pm on April 11 1912, tenders carried 123 passengers out to the ship from the offices of the White Star Line.

This Cork Visitor Attraction allows visitors to follow, literally, in the footsteps of the passengers as they embarked on the fateful voyage. It brings to life the experience on board, sharing the highs and lows of an early 20th century luxury cruise liner through clever set designs, audio visual aids, cinematic shows, holographic imagery and touch screen technology.

Importantly, this is the sole exhibition with a focus on the passengers who boarded at Cobh highlighting the intimate Irish connection to this legendary story.

The technical wizardry is impressive but what we found most memorable is standing where passengers were ferried to the waiting ship offshore, never to return. Still in existence at the rear of the building are the remains of the pier along which the passengers would have walked to board the tenders which took them to Titanic.

The visitor experience is presented in two parts. The first is an exciting immersive audio visual tour retracing the steps of the 123 passengers who boarded Titanic from Cobh on April 11th 1912.

The second part of Titanic Experience examines how it all went wrong; the unbelievable and “almost” impossible sequence of events that occurred to cause Titanic to sink.

Finally, the Story Room of Touchscreen Computers allows one to look at the personalities on board the ship and in particular to discover the fate of the 123 Queenstown passengers.

Opening Hours
Open 7 Days per Week

  • May to September 9:00am to 6:00pm.
    Last Tour 5:15pm. Tours run every 15 minutes throughout the day
  • October to April 10:00am to 5:30pm.
    Last Tour 4:45pm. Tours run every 30 minutes throughout the day

Address: Titanic Experience Cobh, White Star Line Building, 20 Casement Square, Cobh, Co. Cork Ireland

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