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More than any other country in Europe, Ireland is dotted with material reminders of its past.  Few people apart from specialists can visualise what these remains were like in their original state.  This is the purpose of the Irish National Heritage Park, to show you how people lived, worshipped and buried their dead, from the coming of man to this island until the arrival of the Normans in the 12th Century.

The Irish National Heritage Park is an open-air museum which recreates the key stages in Ireland’s cultural evolution. The world you enter is an authentic recreation of Ireland’s heritage. Homesteads, places of ritual, burial modes and long forgotten remains will enlighten the casual visitor and interest the scholar.

This is a special place where 9000 years of Irish History comes alive with sights and sounds that shaped a country and helped to shape the world.

Located near Wexford town, County Wexford, The Irish National Heritage Park contains 35 acres (14 ha) covering prehistoric through Norman periods, and features various buildings and structures stereotypical of each period. Visitors can go on guided tours or see the park on their own. The guides working in the park are attired in traditional Irish costumes.

Each reconstructed glimpse into Irish history is well crafted and has its own natural setting and wildlife.

The Park, Restaurant & Shop are open every day all year round and if planning a stay in Wexford we recommend spending several hours in this park. We recommend you leave at least 2 hours for your visit, but you could easily spend half a day here or more.

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