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Behind the facade of Vicar’s Hill, one of the houses is not what it seems….

With the appearance of a residential house, number 5 inside is an amazing hexagonal stone building, formerly safe storage for documents, now a gem of a little museum- not to be missed!

Built in 1772, the former Armagh Diocesan Registry was restored in 2011, incorporating many of its original features.

Known as ‘No 5’, the interpretative centre on Vicars’ Hill is housed in the city’s former Registry. The 18th century building displays historic examples of diocesan records, and collections and curiosities from Armagh Robinson Library, with interactive displays and interpretations. The centre also houses historic church and public records for Armagh Cathedral and Dioceses.
 Visitors have the chance to research family or history, music, architecture or art

This fascinating example of one of the historical museums and galleries in Northern Ireland is popular on European Heritage Open Days

Address:  The Registry Armagh, 5 Vicars’ Hill, Armagh, Co. Armagh, BT61 7DY

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