What’s being said about us

It was clear from the Virtual Tours website that this was a well-established venture which had already attracted a number of high profile clients. It seemed we were joining quite a large community and would benefit from that association.

The final results surpassed our expectations.

Martin Murphy
Webmaster Armagh Observatory

In a crowded market place it is difficult for the small operator to stand out. Guests really want to experience as much of the facets of a hotel before they visit.  Static images cannot convey the sense of reality that a 360° photo can to a prospective guest.

The “Virtual Visit” is now a key tool in persuading prospective guests that we have the edge over our neighbours.

Michael Vaughan
Owner Vaughan Lodge

When customers inquire about our accommodation and are a little bit uncertain we direct them to our virtual tour of the property and it always sways the decision to book.

Parkhead Lodge, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Heather & George Barr
Proprietors Parkhead Lodge

Gone are the days when you book a room but aren’t really sure what you’re going to get on arrival. Customers can now look forward to their stay here, and know exactly what to expect.

We regularly review our Google Analytics and the Virtual Tours section is a hit time after time. We would definitely recommend this service to anyone thinking about it.

Tollymore National Outdoor Centre
Trevor Fisher
Centre Manager Tollymore National Outdoor Centre

Without doubt, we have gained visits as a result of people accessing the Library’s website and seeing the Virtual Visit before coming to the Library.

It is a sound marketing tool!

Armagh Public Library Interior
Carol Conlin
Manager Armagh Robinson Library

We heard wonderful reports about your service and we were not let down by the end result. Thank you.

Fairview Hotel Killarney
The Fairview Hotel Killarney
The Fairview Hotel Killarney

I must congratulate you for the splendid work you are doing. My website with your Virtual Visit Profile has been much admired and boosted business

Agnes Graham
Proprietor The Manor House

I would recommend Virtual Visit Tours to anyone who is interested in purveying a quality web based enhancement to their website.

The “Virtual Visit” is now a key tool in persuading prospective guests that we have the edge over our neighbours.

Michael Vaughan
Owner Vaughan Lodge

Potential guests are suspicious of marketing photos showing the ‘best side’.  For us, the 360 degree environment and the ability for the customer to control the experience is an impressive marketing tool.

The additional, and important link-in with Virtual Visit Tours website, gives us access to thousands of new customers every month.

Old Inn Crawfordsburn
Garvan Rice
Director Old Inn Crawfordsburn

The quality of the 360° photographs provided by Virtual Visit is very impressive and are a popular feature with our website visitors. Would highly recommend.

Martina Yearsley
Sales & Reservations Manager Ballyfin Demesne
Editors Picks

Downpatrick Town

We flew our drone over Downpatrick town and captured a couple of aerial 360° photographs. Look out for the marker points in the aerial virtual tours, some of which will allow you to jump from the sky down into some of the various visitor attractions found in the town.

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