Toners Pub

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Visit one of the oldest and most famous bars in Dublin.

Situated on Baggot Street at the corner of Roger’s Lane which is named after the first owner Andrew Rogers in 1818. The pub is currently named after James Toner who the was licensee in 1923. He developed the pub as a bar and grocery shop. Toner’s is one of Dublin’s oldest and most famous traditional pubs.

Old stock drawers still remain behind the bar with some wares displayed in glass cases to the left and right of the door. The decor and flagged floor will take you back in time.

Address: Toners Pub, 139 Lower Baggot St, Dublin 2, Ireland

One Response to Toners Pub

  1. my name is Terry Toner (my fathers name was James Toner. I can produce a birth certificate to prove this)

    as far as I know he has no connection with the pub’

    Originally, he was from Newry, ending up in Wolverhampton, England.
    He often talked about Pat Jennings, the Spurs footballer, also from Newry.

    Sometime in 2017 I intend to visit Dublin. Does the pub have bed and breakfast facilities.

    If not, can you recommend some nearby acommadation

    thanking you in anticipation——–Terry Toner

    terry toner December 31, 2015 at 11:11 pm Reply

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