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Nendrum Monastery, on Mahee Island, Co Down,  was founded by St Machaoi in the 5th Century and was at its prime in the year 1000. The remains of this important pre-Norman monastery include three concentric enclosures (stone walls), with ruined church, round tower stump, foundations of huts and workshops, sundial, cross-slabs and a graveyard.  It is thought to be the best example of a pre-norman monastic site in Northern Ireland.

The site was “lost” for hundreds of years, before being re-discovered in the late 1800’s and excavated in the 1920’s.  Many of the artefacts found were removed to the Ulster Museum.

It is a magical place, a beautiful island accessible by bridges, with dry stone walls and heavenly views. The site, one of the most historic sites in Northern Ireland, includes a small museum & visitor centre.

The visitor centre houses interactive and graphic displays, models, artefacts and video.

Address: Nendrum Monastic Site, Comber, Newtownards, Co. Down

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