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Seagoe is an ecclesiastical parish of the Church of Ireland, located in Portadown, Northern Ireland. It is on one of the oldest recorded sites of Christianity in Ireland. Christian links to the area date back to the early 500 AD’s.

The name of the parish has always been associated with that of Saint Gobhan and the link was very close indeed for it was never at any time referred to as a church but always as the house of Gobhan or in Latin “Sedes Gobhani” which it is said through the years became abbreviated into Seagoe, the name of the parish up to the present.  The current parish Church is dedicated to St. Gobhan.

In 2018-19 a lot of restoration work has taken place upon the church tower tower. The bell was overhauled, and a new electronic ringing mechanism fitted to enable the bell to be rung, having been silent for about 30 years. In addition, the stonework of the tower has been repointed and some stonework repaired, including the Diocesan plaque above the entrance door. Internally, the three upper floors were replaced, the entrance porch was retiled, and the walls were replastered and painted.

The church has a full set of parish magazines from 1906 until the present time. Many of the earliest editions from the first magazine in 1906 can now be accessed on the website:

Address: Seagoe Parish Church, 46 Seagoe Rd, Portadown, Craigavon BT63 5HW

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