Benburb Castle

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Benburb Castle is found in the village with the same name in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

It is a fortified bawn built by Sir Richard Wingfield during the Plantation in 1611 on a limestone cliff overlooking the River Blackwater, the border between County Tyrone and County Armagh.

Notably, it is an irregular four-sided bawn with the entrance in the north wall. There are large rectangular flanking towers at the northeast and northwest corners and a smaller round tower at the south-east corner. There was no main building in the castle as Wingfield had no desire to live here, but living accommodation was provided in gabled flankers.

The castle was dismantled in the 1640’s and has remained a ruin ever since. That being said, the castle is in excellent condition having been recently restored and stands in the grounds of the imposing Servite Priory, a Pastoral, Retreat and Conference Centre run by a religious order based in the village.

Visitors to this County Tyrone visitor attractions can enjoy a network of paths on the southern side of the castle which form part of The Benburb Valley Park, winding its way along the Blackwater River. The river has carved out a beautiful gorge through the countryside and is an ideal location for walking.

Address:  Benburb Castle, Benburb, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

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