Greencastle Royal Castle

Places to See | Co. Down, Northern Ireland.

Built in the 13th Century by Hugh de Lacy to defend the southern approaches to Ulster, this royal castle stands on a rocky height beside Carlingford Lough. From here it has commanded the ferry link with Carlingford and defended sea and land communications. Due to various attacks on the castle over time, the building standing to day is a mix of 13th – 16th Century structures.

Clearly visible from the opposite shore is Carlingford Castle, probably also built by Hugh de Lacy. Not many historical sites in Northern Ireland can lay claim to being besieged and captured by Edward Bruce, but this castle in Northern Ireland was in 1316. Despite being wrecked on many occasions, the castle continued in use until the early-17th century.

Address: Greencastle Royal Castle, Greencastle, Kilkeel, Co. Down

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