Martello Tower Magilligan

Places to See | Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

A well preserved Martello Tower at Magilligan Point, an important historical site in Northern Ireland, marks the entrance to Lough Foyle.

The Magilligan Martello tower was built during the Napoleonic Wars and is one of the most northerly of the towers built all around the coasts of Ireland. It is one of 74 constructed to fire on any invading fleet and withstand lengthy sieges. It has three floors, and its walls are 9ft thick.

Originally a 24 pounder cannon was mounted on the top. It was fastened to a central pivot and moved on a circular rail so that it could point in all directions. The tower was built on top of a spring to ensure fresh water in case of a siege. Below the gun platform were the living quarters and the ground floor was used to store powder and ammunition.

Group tours by arrangement in summer under supervision of warden staff.

Address:  Martello Tower, Magilligan Point, Magilligan, Limavady, Co. Londonderry

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