Navan Centre & Fort

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Classed as one of Ireland’s Top Attractions, Navan Fort – known in Old Irish as Emain Macha – is a large circular earthwork on the summit of a drumlin that is thought to be the site of a pagan sanctuary. The impressive earthwork encloses two monuments on the hilltop, a ring barrow (Iron Age burial site) and a large mound.

Although called a “fort”, it is considered more likely to have been a pagan ritual or ceremonial site. It is often regarded as the traditional capital of the Ulaidh (a people of early Ireland who gave their name to the modern province of Ulster) and features prominently in Irish mythology, particularly in the tales of the Ulster Cycle.

This Historical Site in Northern Ireland is steeped in legend and folklore as the ancient seat of the Kings and Queens of Ulster and provides many interesting discoveries for the modern archaeologist. It is a great place to see in Co Armagh during European Heritage Open Days.

Address: Navan Centre & Fort, 81 Killylea Road, Armagh, Co. Armagh BT60 4LD

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