Ness Wood Country Park

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In the steep, wooded Glen of the Burntollet River, south-west of Derry City, lies Ness Country park. 55 hectares of mixed woodland along with open parkland make up the Park which extends along both sides of the Burntollet River. The park is an Area of Special Scientific Interest in Northern Ireland and visitors can enjoy an NIEA exhibition on woodland biodiversity.

Due to recent extensive development work, the park now joins the Ness and Ervey Woods, across both sides of the river.  There are over 7km of stunning woodland and riverside walks with wooden steps & boardwalks. Its habitat is home to many different species of wildlife and bird life, which can be seen around the many wildlife ponds and meadows.

The old Burntollet River has created a magnificent waterfall, gorges, potholes and rapids which make this natural attraction one of the places to see in Co Londonderry.

The river has created the highest Waterfall in Northern Ireland – Shanes Leap, which has a fascinating story attached to it.  It is said that, in the 1700’s, a man named Shane O’Mullan was the area’s “Robin Hood”  and to avoid capture by soldiers went on the run and jumped over the waterfall.  Whilst he escaped on that occasion, despite breaking his leg on the process, the law caught up with him in 1722 when he was hanged for his misdemeanours.

On a lighter note, Ness Woods waterfall has been listed as one of the most romantic places in Britain by Mills & Boon

Address:  Ness Wood Country Park, 50 Oughtagh Road, Killaloo, Claudy, Co. Londonderry BT47 3TR

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