Parkanaur Manor House

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Parkanaur is a large, rambling romantic Tudor Revival house which has evolved through the years. Originally the land was held by the O’Donnellys until granted by James I to Sir Toby Caulfield in the early 1600′s. The land remained in the ownership of the Caulfields until sold by James Caulfield (1st Earl Charlemont) in 1771 to Ynyr Burges (East Ham, Essex), who had made a fortune in the East India Company as the ‘Secretary & Paymaster of Seamens Wages’.

The magnificent interior includes the Captains Morning Room, long Gallery, Drawing Room, Lady Mountbatten Room and Library.  The house boasts rich Elizabethan interiors including a Minstrel Gallery and a certified Baroque Organ, which dates from the 1600’s.

The Manor House, one of the Historic Houses of Ireland, is open to the public, particularly on European Heritage Open Days.  However it also offers facilities for conferencing, functions and events.

Contact: Marlene Marcus

Address: Parkanaur Manor House, 57 Parkanaur Road, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone BT70 3AA

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