Reach for the Skies! – Aerial 360° photography

Aerial 360° Panoramic Photography | Ireland & Northern Ireland

2015 will see us getting out and about with a new perspective…

#360photos taken from the air!

Meet the latest addition to our 360° photography arsenal.

We’ve been experimenting with this custom built piece of technology for some months now. It has a few names; Drone, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Multicopter. Ours is also known as an Octo-copter due to it having 8 rotors.

Following many months of research, flight tests and written examinations, we are now qualified, certified and approved by both the UK (CAA) and Irish (IAA) Aviation Authority.

Being able to fly where traditional helicopters cannot coupled with our love of 360° photos we think will allow us to give you a unique and immersive aerial perspective of some of Ireland’s amazing landmarks, buildings and landscapes.  There is so much more you can see from 200ft in the air!

Check out this Aerial 360° Photograph captured above East Belfast.

In the distance you can see Belfast’s famous Harland & Wolff shipyard with their striking yellow gantry cranes. Within the 360° aerial photograph there are areas identified by clickable hotspots.

Our professional flying camera rigs can offer a perspective that will amaze and captivate without the expense of a full size helicopter.

Quick and easy to deploy, these platforms are amazingly stable and very adaptable; it takes less than 10 minutes to rig the drone and have it in the air. This is also a very eco-friendly alternative as our carbon footprint is thousands of times less than using a full scale manned chopper thanks to the electric driven motors.

We can see many uses for our UAV Aerial 360° photography. From Architecture to Construction, Surveys and Sporting events, Golf Courses and close up inspections, to marketing as well as TV and filming production. The list is almost endless.

Hillsborough Village Aerial 360° Photograph.

The historic centre of Hillsborough Village in County Down is noted for its stunning architecture and olde-worlde charm.  At the top of the Georgian Main Street sits Hillsborough Castle, the official residence of the Royal Family when they are in Northern Ireland

Do you have a destination you’d like us to capture via aerial 360° photography?

Get in touch with us and let’s talk. 

A Team Effort

It takes a team of two to operate one of these, a pilot and a photographer and we are delighted to have teamed up with Skyline Photography and Colin Williams Photography to create some truly exciting interactive aerial photography.

Belfast Aerial photographer Colin Williams, has been leading the way with aerial photography in Northern Ireland and his work speaks for itself.

The snow covered Mournes (© Colin Williams Photography)

The snow covered Mournes (© Colin Williams Photography)

Tennents Vital Bangor (© Colin Williams Photography)

Tennents Vital Bangor (© Colin Williams Photography)

Causeway Visitors Centre (© Colin Williams Photography)

Causeway Visitors Centre (© Colin Williams Photography)

Skyline Photography is Northern Ireland’s freshest low-level aerial filming and cinematography company. Skyline’s aerial systems are completely state-of-the-art and custom designed and built from the ground up, specifically for exceptionally steady aerial video and photography.

So if you’re looking to professionally promote your business, shoot a TV commercial, sell your multi million euro property, survey that construction site, or help with your own production with some additional new angles…give us a call on +44 2895 811 334 | +353 1 442 8995 or use the contact form here.

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