Sinclair Seaman’s Presbyterian Church

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Step inside Belfast’s dedicated maritime place of Worship, which was officially opened in October 1857. For over 150 years this splendid congregation has continued to shine it’s light over the docklands of Belfast and acts as a safe haven for those in need of spiritual peace.

Although dating from 1857, the interior of this Venetian style harbourside church was refurbished on a maritime theme and is continued as a gleaming tribute to the city’s seafaring traditions by a friendly congregation. While at this place to see in Belfast, don’t miss the stained glass, the bell from HMS Hood and the lifeboat shape collection boxes. Next door is the Belfast Harbour Commissioners Office, an imposing Victorian block.

Shipyard workers, dockers and sailors at the time of Titanic would have felt at home in its ship-like interior, with its pulpit shaped as a ship’s prow flanked by navigation lights, ship’s binnacle font and the bell of HMS Hood calling worshippers to service.

It is a unique example of the many churches and monasteries in Northern Ireland.

Address:  Sinclair Seaman’s Presbyterian Church, Corporation Square, Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

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