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A unique visual gem, a veritable masterpiece in bar architecture, which has the distinction of being known to millions all over the world as a place to see in Belfast. The Crown is famous as a tourist venue in the heart of Belfast, and the pub dates back to 1826, when the first train ran from Belfast to Lisburn.

The Crown Liquor Saloon in Great Victoria Street, Belfast was perhaps the greatest of Victorian Gin Palaces which once flourished in the industrial cities of Britain. Today wonderfully preserved, the Crown is cherished and still well used as a place to eat and drink in Belfast.

Painted and etched glass is everywhere you look, vivid in amber and carmine painted shells, fairies, pineapples, fleurs-de-lis and clowns. Incidentally, the colourful decorative windows fronting the bar were originally intended to shield customers from inquisitive passers-by.

Address: The Crown Bar Belfast, 46 Great Victoria Street, Belfast, BT2 7BA,

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  9. Myself my mother and aunt went into The Crown Bar on recommendation of a taxi driver. We all ordered steak and Guinness pie. It arrived looked good until we cut into it, the pie was not just cool but cold fridge cold. All 3 of us sent it back, mum changed her order to a fish sandwich, so the new meals arrived and this time you could have bounced the pie off the wall yes it was hot but not fit for human consumption. We decided by this point we were all so hungry just to eat the mashed potatoes and pick what little me eat we could find. Mum’s fish was ice cold in the middle she never ate hers. We complained to the waitress and asked to speak to the chef. The chef never appeared but a bill for £24.85 did. The waitress said we took 25% off your bill for the inconvenience. Had we not a train to catch we would probably have made more of it. It is safely the worst meal any of us have ever had definitely an experience never to be repeatedly.

    Hazel Boyd September 16, 2017 at 3:25 pm Reply
  10. Met the only unfriendly rude person in Northern IIreland. Sought out this beautiful pub like all tourists do. Ordered drinks. I had the customary Guinness When mine was drawn it was a good inch short of the top. I waited for it to settle and then was still short. I took it back to the bar for s top up. I then was asked if I’d drank it. When I said no she said that I’d left it too long to settle. I said I didn’t and she begrudgingly gave a quick top up which still didn’t reach the top,as is customary for Guinness for them to draw the drink wait and then top,up.

    Whilst waiting I did note that she did this to all Guinness Gave short measures. Is it worth the extra profit.?….
    Glad we didn’t eat there as well.

    Living off its reputation and passing trade .

    Beautiful pub. Terrible staff

    Caterina durston May 31, 2019 at 7:30 am Reply

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