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The Workhouse Museum is a restored 19th-century workhouse on 23 Glendermott Road, Waterside, Derry.

The building is of great historical interest and a number of ghostly residents are said to haunt the building and surrounding area.

At present, this Northern Ireland museum contains the Atlantic Memorial exhibition, dealing with the extensive part played by Derry in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II . There are also artefacts and archives on display throughout the building relating to Workhouse life, 19th century poverty and the Famine

The Workhouse opened in 1840, closed as a Workhouse in 1948 but continued to be used as a hospital until 1991. A group of local historians managed to save some of the original Workhouse building from demolition and this is where the museum and the Waterside branch library are now housed.

The workhouse is a popular place to see in Derry City during European Heritage Open Days

Address: Workhouse Museum Derry, 23 Glendermott Road, Waterside, Derry, Co. Londonderry BT48 6BG

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  1. My grandchildren and I visited the Workhorse Museum in December. It is such an interesting museum to go to. There are not so many artefacts but the guide was exceptional and my children were spellbound. She gave them a clear picture and they talked about it for ages afterwards. After our visit there, we went to the pantomime. We had a great time .But it was the workhorse and not the panto that the children talked about. It should be better advertised.

    Winifred Thompson February 9, 2014 at 1:08 pm Reply
  2. This Museum is great. Would you know of any records with names of people that may have lived in the building when it was a work house?

    Thank you,
    Kassie groch

    Kathleen Groch April 25, 2016 at 3:25 am Reply

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