Banagher Glen

Places to See | Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Banagher Glen is one of the largest, least disturbed and oldest ancient oak woodlands in Ireland.  Ferns and mosses thrive in damp shady nooks along the river banks while twisted oaks cling precariously to the steep cliffs above the Glenedra and Altnaheglish river.

This reserve holds some of the last fragments of what were once extensive woods covering much of the north-west. The steep sides of the glens are clothed by mature trees, mostly oak and ash, with an under-story of rowan, hazel, hawthorn and holly.

Legend tells that a pool here is home to the last snake in Ireland. St Patrick was unable to drive this giant serpent out of the country so instead trapped it forever at this site.

Designated as a Special Area of Conservation, Banagher Glen leads to County Londonderry’s largest commercial forest and contains Altnaheglish Reservoir, used for the supply of water to the surrounding area. Because of the size and age of the wood, it supports a wide variety of the nature and wildlife of Northern Ireland

Located three miles from Dungiven spectacular views can be enjoyed by the visitor, whilst hill walking enthusiasts will enjoy a challenging 14km circular walk through a magnificent lake and forest. There is a relatively easy walk up the glen through the wood, following the surfaced road that leads to the reservoir.

Address: Banagher Glen, Magheramore Road, Dungiven, Co. Londonderry

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