Derry City Walls

Places to See | Co. Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Derry~Londonderry has the most complete circuit of historic walls in Ireland and they offer the visitor one of the finest examples of the Walled Cities of Europe.

The best way to experience these magnificent 400yr old walls is by taking a stroll along the rampart walkway. Doing that will allow you to see that the walls surround a city full of history, culture and heritage.

Our 360 cameras visited four points on the famous walls:

Shipquay Gate was one of the four original gates into the 17th-century city. It’s a great viewpoint to look down on Guildhall Square and across to the Peace Bridge. The Tower Museum is well worth a visit and takes you on a high-tech audio-visual narrative tour of the Story of Derry.

Ferryquay Gate is located on the site of one of the four original gates. It was this gate that on December 7th 1688 was closed by the 13 apprentices to prevent Jacobite troops entering the city, leading to the siege of 1689. Butcher’s Gate was also one of the four original city gates.

Double Bastion offers a fine panoramic view over the Bogside and the slopes above, where Jacobite guns were positioned during the 1689 siege.

Within the walls, you will find the historic buildings of Derry Playhouse, First Derry Presbyterian Church and the Apprentice BoysMemorial Hall as well as many shops and businesses.

Outside the walls there are a great many other attractions for the visitor to Derry City.

TIP: To appreciate a different perspective of the walls you should also use some of the many access steps or ramps to walk around the walls at ground level.

We hope to re-visit these historic walls at some point and add more 360° panoramic pictures.

Address: Derry, Co Londonderry

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