First Derry Presbyterian Church

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Located within the city’s Walls, First Derry Presbyterian Church has a significant historical context. It is believed to be on the site of an earlier Presbyterian church founded in 1690, as a reward for the bravery of the Presbyterian’s during the Siege of Derry in 1689.

The church has recently been re-opened following a programme of works that has totally renovated the building. Having been closed for a period of eight years, the church is once again being used as a place of worship. It has become one of the attractions in Derry City along the Great Walls.

The Church reflects many uniquely 18th century Presbyterian features, and great care has been taken to retain as much as possible of the original building.

Adjoining the Church is the refurbished Blue Coat School, now home to the The Blue Coat School Visitor Centre. This new facility tells the history behind the Church, along with the history of Presbyterians in the city (and beyond) and the role they played in the great siege.

Address: First Derry Presbyterian Church, Upper Magazine Street, Derry, Co. Londonderry BT48 6HY

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